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And I guess if that's addiction Then I guess that I'm addicted

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Monday 8th September 2008 | 11:01 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Ronan Keating - Addicted

Adopt one today!

...so couldn't help myself. (only had to wait a couple days... so yay?)

EDIT: oookay so the mood icon is not showing up as it's incorrectly linked. How can this be when all the other mood icons are showing up and the fact that all the mood icons are all in the same folder? It is all very wtf.

EDIT 2: Ooookay now they all aren't showing up. Which is ridiculous!!! Since I haven't changed the name nor moved the folder in which I first put the moodtheme. So it saying it's incorrectly link is just... fudgecakes.

EDIT 3: Will at least be able to buy paid account tomorrow to fix it. If my pay goes in on time. At least the day is always consistent even if the time isn't.

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