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Wednesday 9th August 2006 | 11:20 pm

i have this song stuck in my head.

Now I know it's from a movie, most likely an animated movie because that's what i keep coming to.

Only thing is I only know 3 words a tiny bit of tune.

da na na na. da na na na. na naaa na na na na na.

I'm sort of sure the tune goes like that and if you imagine it at a lullaby type pace.

The three words that i know are 'one sweet embrace' which is in the same tune as the 'da na na na'.

...it's seriously been bugging me all day that i cannot remember the song or the movie it comes from.



I don't know what it was. I wasn't even doing anything at all related to any of the above.

Yet I just all of a sudden remembered where the song comes from. That is it comes from Lilo & Stitch. Just after all the bad stuff near the beginningish and Nani has Lilo in her lap as they're in the hammock... and yeah.

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