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Monday 27th October 2008 | 06:56 pm

Hmm... Need to get into playing Guild Wars proper again. (zomg three years... thought past two have been sort of on and off)

And meh might have some sort of gall bladder or kidney infection... possibly stones... not looking forward to that if it's the case... Mighty painful I hear and I don't have a very high pain tolerance. (I squeal like a stuck pig when people poke me in the shoulder o.O)

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La di da

Tuesday 9th September 2008 | 10:15 pm
location: Sitting down watching L&O: SVU
mood: listlesslistless

Lallabella's Dragons

Ended up changing my beauty and the beast mood theme to a Calvin and Hobbes one I used to use on a character's journal. I still don't get why the BatB ones weren't working even after I created the mood theme again and used the correct links and all... very weird imo. Although there was this nifty Finding Nemo mood theme I came across, sooo preeeeetty.

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Another one... golly gosh!

Tuesday 9th September 2008 | 11:01 am
mood: boredbored

Adopt one today!

...why yes, I am bored.

Alas pay is not in yet. Well, usually it isn't in until at least 1:00pm...

In other news still can't believe I've been at my 'new' job for seven months now. o_O

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And I guess if that's addiction Then I guess that I'm addicted

Monday 8th September 2008 | 11:01 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Ronan Keating - Addicted

Adopt one today!

...so couldn't help myself. (only had to wait a couple days... so yay?)

EDIT: oookay so the mood icon is not showing up as it's incorrectly linked. How can this be when all the other mood icons are showing up and the fact that all the mood icons are all in the same folder? It is all very wtf.

EDIT 2: Ooookay now they all aren't showing up. Which is ridiculous!!! Since I haven't changed the name nor moved the folder in which I first put the moodtheme. So it saying it's incorrectly link is just... fudgecakes.

EDIT 3: Will at least be able to buy paid account tomorrow to fix it. If my pay goes in on time. At least the day is always consistent even if the time isn't.

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Saturday 6th September 2008 | 09:44 pm
mood: boredbored
music: rowdy people

Am at sister's place after her engagement dinner thing. Everyone else is outside having nibblies and stuff.

But is kinda rowdy out there... and possibly few drunk people. so yes...

not really my thing unfortuntely.

am decidely non-party type girl :|

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Not imaginative tonight...

Wednesday 9th July 2008 | 10:24 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

So it's been over a year since posting in this thing, and the very last thing I posted wasn't even really anything substantial. Not to mention I haven't really been on GTalk, Y!M etc... And I guess I don't really have any excuses, not really good ones anyway. It's... well, stupid really, but a really bad habit of mine is that whenever I think my life isn't really going the way I want it to or that sort of thing. I try to put on the happy face, I bottle it up... and with the internet I just try and hide away and not do any of the things I used to do. And in the end, I know I'm worse off for it, because to an extent I alienate all of you guys who have been nothing but awesome to me and I want to try and reconnect, but sometimes it just doesn't feel the same, as if you're strangers all over again. I guess the thing that I'm trying to say is that I want to try and be the friend I once was, but I'll understand if that doesn't happen.

ps: This isn't me looking for sympathy or what have you. It's just me trying to sort of get this stuff out of my head and onto ...well the metaphorical paper. Besides, I've never been really good at explaing.

pps: I'd finally gotten a new job in early February. Now a checkout chick at my local Coles. And I'm rather happy there, even though I'm only a casual still. Everyone's really nice and friendly there, rather supportive too. And it's definitely a much happier work situation, more than stupid Hungry Jack's ever was.

ppps: the end.

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The Meme That Goes Around and Around... ... ...

Saturday 28th April 2007 | 10:53 pm

My daemon is a gibbon... and apparently one out of 637 gibbon daemons...

Eamon is such a cool name.

I really need to read the books again....or to actually start reading them really...

Edit: And now it's a cat... we used to have a black cat when i was about 2-4... aptly named Blackie.
Edit2: Now a rabbit... or is it a hare...
Edit3: Now it's a cat again

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Tuesday 6th March 2007 | 12:58 am

For some reason cannot log into subeta.org. Even though I know for a fact that I have not changed my password nor forgotten it. But let's say I did forget it, I'd go and use the 'Lost Password?' thing and then I'd be able to receive my password or be given instructions on how to get a new password. BUT NO! I DON'T! Damn thing says the password has be sent, but have I retrieved it yet? NO! How many days has it been? At least 1½ and still nothing.

And it didn't work on a friend's computer either... gaaaaah. They need an alternate form of communication between members and admin on that site.

Because hey you can't actually report an error unless you're bloody well logged in.

Not Happy!

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From The Great Beyond... or ...whatever...

Saturday 30th December 2006 | 09:44 pm
mood: sadsorry

I haven't posted for a loooong loooong long while...

But I am actually still alive, just kind of drifted away from some things I think.

Anyway update on the Real Life Front.

August to pretty much November was nothing spectacular. Though in November I did start tutorial classes for STAT (the equivalent of a high school certificate thing if you took TEE or whatever... mostly for mature age students or those who didn't take said tests back at school). Then had quiet time... then December 2nd was when I had the test. Then discovered that woe don't get the results until January.

and has been quiet since. Christmas was good times. and still have volunteer work on Saturdays... though have been contemplating something part time... cause get bored sometimes.

...so that's my really short update. because I sadly do not have a life still.

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Sunday 13th August 2006 | 05:57 pm

well i'm a bad girl for not playing Guild Wars for so long.

that was about 2 minutes ago o.O

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